More proof gun-grabbing doesn't work.......

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    An unarmed public in the UK at the mercy of terrorists yet again. Too bad responsible UK citizens can't defend themselves, but have to wait for police to show up. A sane person with a gun could have put these mad dogs down before the body count went up. Yep, the police showed up and got them, but too late for some. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away".
    I was thinking how dumb the Brits are for electing a muslim mayor in London, but then I remembered that stupes in this country elected one for prez, and not once but twice. Fool me ONCE, shame on you; fool me TWICE, shame on me. Just senseless.
    I wonder how the UK likes the idea of allowing a bunch of diaper-head jihadis into their country now. I wonder if they still think it's cool to be lib. I swear, liberalism is a mental disorder of the first magnitude!
    Our own country must be full of jihadi sympathizers when lib judges refuse to give HS time to vet the ones who want into our country. Trump 2020! Build the wall!
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    Just my thoughts! well said !
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    I hear you Cal.....and you're right, just one man could have stopped it all.

    When I was still in the job, I could carry my pistol ( WALTHER P99, DAO ) 24/7. I almost never did it, there was no need in the past. ( not to forget, the DAO system is a faulty design, it is trash, I never trusted it )

    Times have changed, right now I would carry it all the time !

    In Europe we have a very strict gun control, that is part of our history. People over here think different about firearms. In the USA guns are part of the history, people needed them for self-defence, hunting and surviving in the past.

    Your ancestors were pioneers in a wild and dangerous environment, there was dangerous game and venomous snakes and not to forget, the native Americans.

    The frontiers faced dangerous situations every day and guns became an everyday equipment and now it is a part of the American history and tradition.

    Don't get me wrong, on duty and now, I was not and I am not a supporter of our gun control.

    Our laws work for the wrong people, criminals don't give a s.....t about the law, but the working and taxpaying
    citizen can't defend himself and his family.

    Our gun control turns the citizen into victims and to be honest, for them terrorists we are nothing but slaughter cattle.

    Our p.c. politicians keep telling us that these terrorists just want to change our lifestyle......and that these terrorists will fail. After they told you that nonsense, they drive away sitting in their heavy armored Audi, BMW or Mercedes cars, escorted by close protection officers :)


    Take a closer look, all our traditions like Xmas markets, carnival parades, Sch├╝tzenfest, public viewing, concerts, sport events, Oktoberfest...... all that happens now behind walls, fences and heavy barricades.

    Politicians tell us not to fire up the fear of Muslims and if we talk about illegal immigration ( and they came to Germany as ILLEGAL INVADERS ) we should be very careful.

    If you want to stop a German from telling the truth about illegals......just call the taxpaying German citizen a NAZI and he will bend his head and walk away in is THAT SIMPLE.

    We pay the most in Europe but our medias keep telling us that we are the dark spot in the a$$ of the world and that we are guilty.....we are responsible for everything bad on this planet.

    It is a problem how to handle 12 years of our history.

    As I said.......don't fire up the fear.......don't tell the truth.

    Instead of showing them terrorists the "red line", we lock up ourselves and we hide.

    On the news we see young people in the UK walking around and singing, ISIS will fail and LOVE WILL can't cure stupid.

    Will they still sing about love when Jihadi-John is standing behind them while they are down on their knees, wearing an orange suit ????

    These muslim terrorists don't want to change our western lifestyle, the want to end our lives !

    Should we talk to them on the round table...........F..... NO, they don't want to talk

    Can we change their minds......... YES WE CAN :) with high tech missiles, drones and bombs.

    These cowards are attacking soft targets only, now the civilized world should show them what happens if you pull the tail of a sleeping tiger.....let them know that there are big teeth on the other end of that monster.

    Our politicians should stop searching for excuses, they have to bring up consequences and solutions !

    If Trump and Putin try to find a solution, ( and they will ) ISIS could be history next week !

    Don't worry about the damage, Merkel will send the money and our taxpayers will be happy to work until they are 70 years old !

    Same thing about this rocket launching Kim-Wank-Dank-Ding-Dong-Wannabe-Weight-Watchers-President, he can behave like he does because the free worlds tolerates this idiot.

    sorry for this confusing post........but I'm upset.....I'm frustrated......I'm ANGRY, but I couldn't hold back.

    be safe

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  4. Jack Pine

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    You have absolutely NOTHING to apologize for Stan, a lot of people are frustrated and angry, and not just with the jihadis, but OUR OWN governments and those who support idiot politicians.
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    Were with you Stan! democrats can love an holds hands with these murderers,criminals,drug dealers,groups like blm that make it unsafe to walk our streets,try to shame our police for doing there job an that,s ok with them :mad: that,s sure not bringing people together an making racist out of people :mad: God help us if they take our guns an we can defend our family's.just look at all the wacky minority trash in congress,Senate, judges,mayors of our city's an how they think :mad:
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