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    I went to a couple gun shops yesterday north of here ,never seen so many roads closed due to the flooding from local storms .creeks were still high an still running orange. Got there after many detours an what a waste of time . Trops new larger gun shop now getting rid of bullets an reloading supply's an had nothing for me ,very few 22rf an no cast bullets or any other. told me I could order an get delivered to the store in a week with free shipping. I said I can get things from midway in three days delivered for free.

    Drove over to Lebanon to shyda,s an not many 22rf ,but did manage 1 brick of cci standard ,4198 powder ,big jar hoppies solvent . No cast bullets,hornady,s to fit my 45-70 I wanted so disappointed again. what cast bullets they had were setting on the floor on sale at the counter ,with a sigh saying when these are gone there will be no more.

    I hope they go out of business:mad: as I will deal with the little local gun shop for my guns an order everything else online .
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    Been a crazy summer. So hot and dry in June, the project's potato crop died early. (Still have some, but probably only 1/4 th of last year's record). Then wetter than I can remember. Seems like all the rivers and streams in eastern PA have been way up and muddy all summer. Haven't been fishing at all other than at a lake in the Poconos on a family vacation.

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