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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Masboy, Apr 2, 2018.

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    I was getting disgusted shooting my vortex with these zombies I floated bare shaft . I forgot to go over everything like I use to ,so checked an found 2 out of the five wobbled after I took the plastic nocks out an screwed in aluminum nock ,then a field point in the nock an spin tested. they were split on the nock end where someone had a loc- load insert before :rolleyes:

    I squared everything again an spin test an good. I fletched 1 with 4 inch gateway feathers RH on my bitz 3/4 inch from nock ,100g tip , 92 gr loc- load brass inert with weight of 405 gr for this 20 inch arrow.took it out an shot it in th wind an poi about same as when I shot it bare shaft earlier. Thing was poking a hole at 25 yd an only good for 2 shots as it went in farther each shot. now doing the other 2 with my used reconditioned feathers,super glue as all I had :p
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    You are a wildman, Frank!;) I've been using the lock n loads for several years after a guy on C/T was really high on them. Only problem I had was shooting into a Delta foam deer/broadhead target. The head and insert went through the target and the shaft stopped near the fletching in the target, but the broadhead and insert kept right on when the arrow stopped. Lost 2 Ramcats and inserts that way.:rolleyes: I just got some Tapps with glue in 110 brass, and will be getting a dozen XX75s to try, but I'll be using long 60 gr. inserts that Stalker sent. Also trying Vanetec Swift vanes for the first time, but they haven't shown up yet either. Went on (for me) a "big" spending spree last week. Some arrow shafts, fletching, nocks, and one big thing which I've been notified is "out for delivery" as I type this.:D
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    I read don,t use the loc-load in single wall arrow ? I,ve split an lost a few ,but I like them for being able to turn,change easy.
    I shot all three fletched with the floated shaft mark down. 2 did excellent with them staying inside the small dots shot after shot . the other one was a inch off about every shot,so I turned it 1 fletch too the right a bingo! in the dots with the other ones in this light wind.

    I learned a few things today,
    4 inch gateway feathers are deadly accurate on my zombies

    krazy glue works better than most fletching glue for me,

    Shootings the only real arrow test for me not floating arrows ,floating just a starting point for me

    I put my bipod on an used a pillow under the bottom of the pistol grip ,lightly holding the stock against my shoulder an let it recoil . a dead steady hold with the same poi I get letting the bow sit in my palm like I hunt .

    I,m out of everything including money :pbut need some aluminum arrows, 4inch feather fletching,so have to go for it like you did Jeff:oops: I,ll have too check with stalker an see if 3 dots is good in a light wind at 25yds :p
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    If not too sore after alittle shooting today I'll try again another day. I have quite a few executioners,zombies that need cut off some an will go from 19 inches down too 16 being the shortest . going to see what I can do with these with some 4 inch gateways after trying them with the 2 inch razers that lots already have. I done cut some off an got too square,spin test both ends with aluminum nocks,loc- loads I will install.

    I think floating arrows gives you somewhere to start that most will shoot inline on the mark ,then you can adjust the others.I have so many different shafts the only way I can tell the executioners,zombies from the others after I removed the decals is the spiral marks really show up on the Black eagle arrows. then I,ll have to weigh them to seperate the zombies from the executioners of the same length. life is tuff :p
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  5. Masboy

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    Just ordered 100 gateway 4 inch shield cut,blue glue ,heritage inserts from Lancaster archery supply Online . will be here in a couple days an I will get too it :oops:
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