My first day out!

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by xcaliber, Oct 14, 2018.

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    Well I finally got out to hunt yesterday and it was sweet, but a bit rough as well. I hiked in about .6 miles, and carried more crap than I needed really. I packed in my lightest climber, and had to stop for breaks several times, the Apprentice offered to drag me, or carry my stand, but I declined on both!:p
    He hunted down wind from me about 160 yards, and gave me a load of smack for taking so long to climb, and get settled in, good thing we had 40 minutes still before legal shooting time.;)
    I use two scents that I started using a few years back, and honestly have had very good luck with them. I use James Valley Full Draw, and Wall Hanger. I use the gel, and a few dabs on a twig is all it takes. To date I have not spooked one deer that came in to my area.
    Well, about 15 minutes after legal light came I have movement about 80 yards down wind of me, two deer coming right in on my trail. One hangs up where I can see him, small 6 pointer. The other comes in to 8 yards and starts sniffing the branch where I placed my attractant, the twin to the other buck!:mad: Knowing we have some nice bucks on our lease I decided to pass. I tried to snap a picture but my phone came on in selfie mode, and trying with one hand to flip it around while holding the 380 Matrix made me move around too much, he decided he had enough of me. 10 minutes later, the Apprentice popped a 116 pound doe. We hunted for another two hours, I saw 2 more little bucks, but no doe which is really what I wanted to take, or a big daddy!:D
    Anyway, it took me a long time to walk out, and I decided to lay off today to recoup. We're going butcher the doe later this morning to get her in the freezer, make the burger & sausage during the week. The Apprentice knows the folks at the Ranger Station pretty well, and they went in with the 4X4 to get the deer. Really nice of them all! Our lease has corn up still, so we are hoping to get in there in early November, gun hunting most likely, but maybe a few days with the bows before the gun season starts. We cannot get in there until the crops are down.:rolleyes:

    Starting to feel a bit better folks!:cool:
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    Glad your up to it ,hope you get a bigun!
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    Thats a great first day Dan. Just take it easy and don't overdo anything. ;)
    Congrats to the kid, thats a nice eating doe he took.:cool:
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    Great to hear you are out hunting, and the apprentice seems to be working out well. Continued good health.
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    Don't over do it Dan. I hope you get a nice Doe or a Huge Buck.
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