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  1. bbahunter

    bbahunter Active Member

    I just recently moved to a different location of this state, I was going down the Main Street in Carver Mass, and I see this. Turkeys on a howitzer lmao 083737baa7d3487482d05494f84d957f.jpg fd85820d954c96bef61f95528a803398.jpg

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  2. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    That is cool ! it needs a make America great hat on it,s head :D
  3. DrJuice

    DrJuice New Member

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  4. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Good luck with the change in scenery, Brian. Do you still have the property in CT that you can hunt?
  5. bbahunter

    bbahunter Active Member

    Thanks Jeff, I do have access to that property, but it is too far away now.
    Maybe I will hunt it once in a while next year.
    This year still need to get settled in.

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