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    I came down this morning an found a new baby in our squirrel pen.he,s a baby boy of at least 6 weeks old from what I can tell.he,s scared to death an whimpering ,so I hold him an he stops.not eating much as I give him formula from a dropper an get a little down. he,s a cute little boy an hear he bit one of the workers doing the tree work where he came from .i pick him up an no sign of him trying to bite me,I can handle full grown squirrel bite :eek::p granddaughter came home an had to see ,hold him . I said your getting big an now time for you to have your own squirrel:rolleyes: see was excited as I showed her the dropper,formula. she knows about formula an helps make bottles ,an feed her baby sister.
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    Now you have a pair of them to give you attitude! :eek:
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    Most of the attitude I get comes from all the women here :confused: I can put up with a squirrel bite now an then :p
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    Same here :confused:
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    This little boys a little sweetheart ,he wimpers a lot as he misses his mother, that was killed as guys cut the tree.i got him to finally drink formula from a eye dropper ,eat a nut.he went hog wild over a ice cream sandwich that was the only thing he would eat at first.i took him with me to bed last night an he snuggled up against my belly an held my finger as a comfort thing. he was hanging out on me ,an I had a squirrel on each shoulder :p 2 rowdy boys ,that will probley be under my covers snuggling tonight:p
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    I been taking squirrel boy outside an letting him run around for hours in our trees. he loves it an comes to me but don,t really want to come in.he bit me today as I picked him up to bring him in ,so I let him out for awhile longer.he needs all the things outside to keep him healthy I read. so going to let him stay out after awhile an live a good squirrel life. needed I think for him to live a happy squirrel live.same with the new baby as I will try to keep him outside some as he gets older an learns to care for himself.i will always love my baby's thow
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    It's hard to let them go Frank, just like the kids!
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