New Matrix 350 LE is here finally

Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by robertyb, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. robertyb

    robertyb Member

    Got it. It shoots fast and has a great trigger. Stuck a varizone on it while waiting for new scope in mail.


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  2. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    Looks great! what is a 350 LE?
  3. Delta-Stan

    Delta-Stan Member


    I've been told it is a "cut-down" 405.

    have a nice weekend and

    be safe

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  4. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Looks great, Robert. Hope it's a great bow for you.
  5. bow

    bow Member

    very nice, looks the part. happy hunting,, lucky bugger , have fun
  6. robertyb

    robertyb Member

    Yep. I am pretty sure it is a 405 that has had the rail shortened. Seems to be shooting 360/370 range but need to find a chrono. Some of the Canadian dealers are selling them. Mine came from Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store. He was getting $669 Canadian for them.

    Thanks guys. :)
  7. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Sure is a pretty MoFo! Hope to see some chronograph results besting the 355 Matrix. Congrats Robert!
  8. Jack Pine

    Jack Pine Active Member

  9. Delta-Stan

    Delta-Stan Member


    That bow is


    have a nice weekend and

    be safe


  10. robertyb

    robertyb Member

    Finally got it pretty much set up like I want it. Leupold Crossbones scope, string stops, ADF and a Munch Mount converted from my Vortex to fit the Matrix. Arrows ar 18" 382 gr BEEs. Next comes a Vixenmaster string.

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  11. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Very nice setup, Robert!
  12. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Love that Camo ! Very nice !
  13. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    Thanks Robert looks good... " Al Flateritys raised there prices " LOL when you find a chronograph i`m curious what your bow will do in FPS .

    Thanks Joe
  14. robertyb

    robertyb Member

    Kysdad chrono(ed) his in the 340s with a flemish string and shooting 400 grain BEEs.
    I am up to 350 on my speed dial setting on the new scope and am still hitting almost two inches high at 30 yards using the factory string and 382 grain BEEs. I hope to get it zeroed in today weather permitting.
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  15. Patriot

    Patriot Member

    Nice set up...I like the camo pattern. Now kill a few deer! :D
  16. Sparkey

    Sparkey New Member

    Just received mine yesterday. It is a sharp lookin bow! I also like its weight and balance. I would very much like to shoot it right now but we just got 5" of snow and now the temps are down in the teens. Two days ago it hit 59 degrees and now its snowing. Welcome to Wisconsin!
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  17. wildcatter

    wildcatter Member

    Yep they are nice bows guys,,,,,,ggggrrrrrrr! :mad: I just am a little ticked at Excalibur fer making these. I have mine but it's custom, lotta parts acquired and work, but I do have less than 450 buck's in mine. I spent almost a year getting the parts and a week after I send my rail off for machining, they come out with this,,,,ggggggrrrrrr,,,,,:mad:

    Yep I may have had anudder 100 bucks in it but woulda had a lot less hours look'n fer parts, but the main thing was If they made it,,,, I wouldn't wanted it so bad. Now I goota sell it er change it to Predator 3D Deception camo,,,,, I just wanted away from the me too factor,,,,,,,;)
  18. Sparkey

    Sparkey New Member

    I know that feeling all too well.
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