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    I have flocks of Purple Grackles that crap all over the wife's pool, both before and after the cover is off. They nest in our trees and the neighbor's row of arborvitae. If I didn't live in town, I'd be giving them pellets for sure. I have a Crosman Titan .22, a Gamo 177, and a Sheridan 20 pumper.
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    Last fall I was diagnosed with wet macular edema in my right eye which meant I had a blood vessel leaking inside. The result was when looking at a grid of small squares on a sheet of paper, the vertical lines zig-zagged back and forth. My 2 crossbow scopes and one Zeiss BDC reticle zig-zag as well. Since I thought I might need to learn to shoot left handed eventually, I took my Christmas Cabelas gift cards and bought a Gamo Tactical air rifle that was about $250 retail but on sale at $100 off.

    It shot pretty good but I wasn't getting the advertised velocity starting out. I found an air rifle forum and found out manufactures rate their fps with a light pellet (sort of like crossbows :( ) and that pellet is actually too light for consistent shooting. Mine's rated "1250 fps" with a specific pellet, but I was somewhere around the mid 800's with the ones I bought.

    The scope that came with it I looked thru it and put it back into the box. I found out you need an air gun specific scope because of the internal spring will beat the crap out of traditional scopes. I bought a recommended Hammer's 3-9x40 AO scope for it and I'm impressed with it's quality.

    I ought to get it out and shoot it once in awhile! o_O I used to have Sheridan 5 mm rifle that I sold long ago - duh.
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    I got a 1990s Sheridan 5mm but don,t shoot like my old 1960s one I had. my cousin an I bought a pair of them in the 60s ,what's funny I was just at my uncles an picked his sons up today an looked at it ,a much better trigger,metal parts than mine I have now. that,s a fast one you got there an sounds like a fine rig.

    My hw30s is around 700fps they say so guessing 600fps :p love this Red dot an will check out that scope. Thanks!
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    If your gonna get rid of them, make it a sport. Use the pellet gun!;)

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