Out for a Spell

Discussion in 'General Chatter & Off Topic' started by xcaliber, Sep 6, 2018.

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    You've got this Dan!!

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    Thanks all! Part of me is really pissed at the medical field as a whole. I felt great for two months following the bypass surgery, then I feel that the congestive heart failure should have been diagnosed right when i first starting having issues, not two months later. Anyway, it is what it is, and I'm not going to play the blame game, it's all about getting a better quality of life right now, and extending that for as long as possible. I do think i have the best doctors in play right now pursuing the best course of action to get me back to at least doing most of what i love to do. I'm not asking for miracles, or trying to run a marathon, just being able to get back to working out to stay fit, hunting, and shooting, and being able to handle my boat without help. Anyway, glass is half full, and the Lord has my back I truly believe.

    Happy Holidays folks, Merry Christmas to you all, and don't forget to have Christ in your Christmas!
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    Attitude is everything, we can either fight or roll over an wait, Give em Hell Dan!!
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    That’s a winning attitude Dan! Merry Christmas and wishing you a blessed healthy New Year.
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