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    Like Stalker but a little different: I bought an 72 Shasta Trailer in 2010 for $1500.00 CND. I paid too much but last year after using it for a number years my HuntingBuddy said that he wanted to refurbish it and make it into our portable hunting camp. He took it apart and replaced the complete inside just keeping the Skin and the main trailer support. The cost was $2200.00 but that included a Stove for heat and a Honda Generator (used)for power when required. He also inverted the axle to position the wheels under the trailer thus lifting it by 6 inches. He repainted the outside and also put in Bunk Beds and camo curtains. It's awesome we can use it at -40 with an excellent heating system and new insulation.

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    Very nice Cactus! Now I would have been perfectly happy with that if it had AC. The wife had to have a bathroom:rolleyes:
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    Stalker: Yours does double duty , the one that we have is strictly a Hunt Camp and I use it to camp by myself as my wife past away 16 years ago. After 2 marriages and the last was very good I'm done with girlfriends and wives but I 'll admit I miss her. So we have a portable shower and toilet . We're taking it to Wyoming from Cold Lake, Alberta to hunt Antelope, Casper Wyoming app. 1 Thousand Miles. Should be awesome. We'll use a fan in place of AC and maybe in the future we'll install a small AC, till then we can sleep in the buff LOL.
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    A fan will be fine in Wyoming or Colorado where the humidity is low. You would want AC in Georgia but its not a must have. The past 2 weekends we ran it about 20 minutes before hitting the hay with a fan blowing the rest of the night and it was fine.
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    Stalker: We won't be taking this camper any further south than Wyoming as of other hunts we'll travel by air. So yes the fan will work for the northern States and Canada, particularly in late September and October. Thank you for your observations they're right on. Cheers: Cactus
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    Nice job! Cool looking piece
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    My Hunting Buddy is very good with his hands, he refurbished this trailer starting 14 Feb and finishing by end march, he also works in the oil industry spending 1 week in and 1 week out. He enjoyed doing this so much , he's considering doing others or maybe buying old trailers and giving them a second life. The only thing original is the steel bed and wheels, the outside skin and windows with some cupboards , other than that totally new. he also water proved inside and out. Without the stove and the Honda Generator the total cost was App. $1500.00 Cnd. plus time.
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