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  1. Masboy

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    I have 2 different arrows

    1 - 22 inch max hunter 350 ,razors,alum inserts both ends,125 tip, foc 18.18 ,wt 345g
    2 - 22 inch heritage 500 ,razors,alum inserts both ends,100 tip ,foc 13.69 , wt 402g.

    I shot these arrows from the bench rest off my bipod at 20yds. an they are both hitting dead center an the exact same spot time after time for poi . I went to 50yds using my bdc scope an shot each an both dead center for inline but 27 inches low with the two shafts touching each other.both are deadly accurate an see no difference an I also changed complete riser with a string already on it before I shot today an it made no difference in poi from the other riser that was dead on at 20yds with the heritage arrow before .

    Is the lighter arrow faster at 50yds with more foc making it lower?
    Is the lighter arrow losing speed faster?
    Is lighter arrow not faster coming off the bow ?
    Just curious
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  2. Jack Pine

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    If they are the same diameter and fletching, the lighter arrow might still be faster at 50 yards even though the lighter arrow will shed fps faster, but 50 yards is a relatively short distance. No way to give a definitive opinion without chrony results. Physics says the lighter arrow comes off the rail faster.
  3. DeerBoy_NC

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    Lighter arrow is faster coming off the bow for sure

    All things being exactly the same except weight.....lighter arrow will shed more % of fps than heavier arrow at a given distance.....but may still be faster when it hits the target. Depends on how much faster it started than the heavier one.

    Drag will dominate though if the fletching is different.

    To see the effects of FOC you need to build 2 identical arrows whose only difference is in FOC....same weight, fletching, shaft etc., etc...
  4. xcaliber

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  5. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    Thanks guys! only reason I asked is I rarely find two arrows made the same that hit the same exact poi out to 50 yds.let alone two totally different arrows.i guess it don,t matter why they do it but what they do.
  6. jacol84

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    Lighter arrow has to be faster. I am not sure what is happening when you fire those arrows, but they have much less spine than almost any crossbow arrows. I'm recalling back to the '90s with vertical bows, but I had a Hoyt with mild cams, switched to a Darton, and two sets of arrows that had shot together, the weaker spine arrows now shot high with the Darton. I would think the Heritage arrows would be flexing like crazy coming off even a slow crossbow. They must be flexing consistently with the accuracy you seem to get.
  7. Masboy

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    They shoot about the same for poi as the zombies,executioners . I judge other arrows by how they shoot for inline compared to my BEE,zombies. spine don,t seem to matter on these as I shot them bare shaft at 20 yards an about same poi as fletched ones . I like these small dia arrows as they set down in the rail a bit more an second to none for accuracy ,wind drift,penetration from my shooting. there all I shoot now from my bow.

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