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  1. Masboy

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    I worked on my 1895 45-70 guide gun most of the day yesterday. I stripped it an smoothed up the parts inside an done a trigger job on it with some polishing useing 1200 grit ,fine 600g small stone ,triggers still alittle heavy with no creep after it hits the wall. I don,t want a lever gun to light of trigger so changed no springs .i always wanted a single shot so made one as I removed the tube ,forend an made my own forend.

    I,m still working on the forend fit in the reciever with nothing touching the barrel. I like a free floating barrel on my guns for accuracy. Be a single shot now, I can shoot any bullet,seating depth I want.this little guns accurate an as I was sighting it in at 25yd then I shot 3 shots in 7/16 of a inch at 50yds with 405g cast performance bullets using my little Nikon African 1x4 scope on it . scopes just for testing loads.

    Hope to get it done today as I have some goodies coming from midway to make better cast hand loads. I have a Redding profile crimping die,Lyman m die to replace a couple of my Rcbs dies for these cast bullets.
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  2. 8ptbuk

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    Nice job !
  3. jacol84

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    Nice Frank. Now, that there is a short forend!
  4. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    I got it trimmed down now an fitted it alittle better.i like a short forend as I stick my elbow in my gut an pull the gun back firm an rest the gun in the palm of my hand . Most long forarms are just a waste of wood for me :p
  5. xcaliber

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    Very nice!

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