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    I been improving my range making it safer as I,m getting less smart :confused: son brought me a dump truck load of dirt an dumped it in front of my target that has railroad ties behind ,then pushed it up with his skid loader. setting my big block in a hole I will make in the center of the pile an be good to go .I got benches set 25,50,100 yds. an a window to shoot out of in the dry at 50yds to the target ,an a big block at 25yd from the window.

    Been busy an made me a pistol rest that I put the finishing touches on yesterday that should be done now. reloading an testing loads in my 460 at 22 1/2 yd yesterday .found 2 loads on alliant powder load data for my S&W 460 mag performance center that,s my favorite handgun powder, power pistol that I shoot in all my handguns. it,s a mid range load around 1400 fps with 300g bullet an that,s a smoking load with 300g bullet in 44 mag .

    Mild load with some push when it goes off in my hand but very manageable . I shot the best group I ever shot in my life with a handgun with this load the first 3 shots I shot with open sights . loaded this gun weights 5lb an has the best trigger I ever had on a handgun. saving for a trijicon rmr ,galco shoulder holster :oops: I love the gun an when carried with my 45-70 guide gun I have a find pair of accurate close range squatch guns.:p

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