Rare bit of common sense (for me), never buying a PA hunting license again!

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by jacol84, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Yep, it's one if those misleading titles.:oops:

    I decided that, instead of buying some cool toys or new broadheads or something with the Cabelas gift card my son got me for Father's Day, I'd actually get something important. Not proud to say that I've never used one of these. Always thought I could get by with "being careful." Getting stuck sitting on the top of my ladder stick this spring was my wakeup call.:eek: Thought about giving up trees altogether, but every time I go in my friends' woods, there's plenty of sign in the area where I shot the 2016 buck. Decided to put the stand back up, but with greatly enhanced safety for an old geezer.;) Speaking of which, I bought my lifetime senior combo license yesterday! No more PA licenses unless I find some guys to hunt bear with, enter the political crap storm that is applying for a PA Elk license, or decide to get back into waterfowl hunting (after long since giving away all my decoys and calls:(). Other than this post, I'm spending this rainy morning making some short (15 13/16") 2219s to shoot 3D (and maybe hunt) with. Thanks to Stalker and Cal for all the tips!:D
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    Jeff, congrats on your license, and that was a good choice on using your gift card. ;)
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    Yes Sir!
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    Sounds good ! to bad you got to buy more stamps to hunt everything :mad:I see where PA going to have a fall turkey season for lancaster county . about time as your allowed 2 in the spring but no fall season.
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    Both were smart decisions.
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  6. Oppie

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    Just a couple more hunting license's for me, bought a three yr fishing license this year, next one is lifetime :) .
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