Raven Nock bushings ?

Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Stalker, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. jacol84

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    Black Eagle Flats from their site are 18 grains. Now you making me nuts about nocks, Paul. I will see how my BE plastic flats shoot before I get too worried.
  2. Stalker

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    Yeah the BE are 18 and the Goldtips are 20. I'd like some of those that 8gn nocks Wildcatter has.

    Jeff the BE plastic nocks may be ok.I only have a few.But they do remind me of the Eastons.They overhang the shaft in spots. I'm pretty anal about my nocks! I dont spend all this time on straight shafts,spine indexing, getting the weight just right and vanes just right to put a nock on that's non concentric by.006 or what ever on 1 side and even on the other. I dont know if it makes as big of a difference with the flat nocks as it does with the moon nocks but I'm sure it does some.

    I know with some non concentric moon nocks. I can turn the nock 180 degrees.Use the same cock vane and the poi can change as much as 3-4" at 30 yards.With the Easton nocks I'd say 1.5"-2" in most cases.You can turn them where the over hang is in the same spot by feeling it with your thumb nail in some cases but that doesn't always get them shooting good.
  3. Stalker

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    I just looked up the Accuspine nocks on the Camx sight. $15 for 6 not counting shipping so their not priced any better than the Firenocks. At least the Firenocks will work in different ID shafts.
  4. jacol84

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    Yeah, I do agree nocks are more important than most realize. Back in the '90s I was shooting CAE X-Caliber arrows (fluted aluminum 2212) in my compound bows. Found out any bend near the nock end of the arrow caused major inconsistencies. Perhaps nocks are part of the reason I sometimes need to turn an arrow off the cock vane to get it to shoot broadheads.:confused: It's convenient to use plastic not just for weight, but to stick in a modified vertical nock for fletching. I got a used "crossbow nock receiver' and all I'll say is, that's not the answer!:mad: The firenocks are pricey (like all of Dorge's stuff), but they shoot great. I just wish he offered bags of specific size O rings so that once you know the size you need, you could order that size instead of the "variety pack" where 3/4 of the pack are O rings you can't use.:rolleyes: The Accuspine nocks are different, I believe. I remember guys saying you could put a G-nock in the hole of the Accuspine nock for fletching. That would be pretty cool and maybe worth the price. I would have to know that's the case before ordering them though.;)
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    One thing I do is put a field point in my nock after squaring it while in the arrow an spin it just like the front end to check for any wobble. that,s why I like threaded hole nocks like the old gt11,regular inserts.works for me
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    I dont know what a G nock is Jeff but the accuspine nocks have threads like the BE's from what they look like.https://camxcrossbows.com/pages/store

    I bought some Clean shot lighted nocks that had collars for different size shafts.The nocks sucked imo but the collars work great as nock receivers.Vert nocks fit perfect in them. So I have them for all different sized shafts.

    I agree about the O-rings and the Firenocks. Counting shipping I pay $3 each for them. Jerry from SASS says he has them but their not on his web site I may call him and see if I can get them cheaper through him. He might also know where to get the Camx nocks other than Camx.

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