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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by Masboy, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Masboy

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    Good luck Jeff! I,m going anytime the weather permits as this is prime time in my book. can,t wait as I,m excited as nows the time!!!!!! driving me crazy with all this wind,rain as I,m finally ready to hunt an have to stay inside :confused:. trying to buy me a four wheeler to drive closer to my stand ,when low light comes I have very little balance walking out. i walk about as far sideways as I do forward :p
  2. jacol84

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    Yep, I struggle in low light now too. Happened in just the last 5-6 years. I have no shot at finding my stands in the morning without my headlamp, which I set on red. Last time I went up to my upper stand that's a bit over a half mile in, I still almost screwed up. Followed a new logging road to a ladder stand that gun hunters have left in the woods, and then I look for my bright eyes. Well, I saw two of them and started towards them, then one of them blinked.;) Took me off the trail, but I was able to find it again.:)
  3. robertyb

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    You gotta love it when your bright eyes start blinking at you. ;)
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