Ripped a few owls

Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Stalker, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Ripped a few owls the last couple of days:eek::D

    These are the 4 arrows I made with the Blood Sport Witness shafts I did the the Night Shooting video with. As long as I stay steady they are grouping great at 30 yards. [​IMG]
    I spine indexed and fletched 3 more today and they are spot on as well:D [​IMG] [​IMG] I'll probably go with Swhacker 100gn 2"cut broad heads. Its been my experience with them the groups wont open up much, if at all:D They will be tested thoroughly long before the season arrives in September:D
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    Good shooting ! You sure are hard on them dots:p
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