shoot that 6 pt or let him walk

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by gutterjr, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. robertyb

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    Me too Oppie. I saw 150/200 deer off stand this season and pulled the trigger once. My brother asked me a week ago to kill him a doe and I have not seen one since. o_O
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  2. glassman_48

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    Oppie, Well spoken, you always make a lot of sense in here:) Especially about hunters sticking together. I almost always hunted alone, it was "my time" away from everything and everybody else. I never tried to worry about what people thought of me hunting wise. I think thats why I hunted alone so often:) My dads best friend had 2 daughters, and no sons. So I told my dad he should "loan" me to "uncle lewi" once in a while otherwise he would have to hunt with his daughters:) Lewi taught me a bunch so did 3 neighbors I had some of the best teachers and learned the rest on my own. Keep up the good posts in here:)
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  3. Oppie

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    Thank You for your kind words.
    I've seen many changes in the archery world and most have been for the better. I always hunted alone until I got married, then my wife joined me. When my kids started hunting we joined up with a few neighbors for a small gang so when we only had Saturdays to hunt we could move a few deer so nobody got to bored setting an waiting without seeing deer.
    Fast forward to this year, a couple of the kids that started with my kids brought their kids around this year.
    I hunted with a 8 yr old, 3 guys and 4 women this year, not all together or at the same time either . None of em had more fun than me, cept the 8 yr old, he had a blast!
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  4. glassman_48

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    I have grand kids from age 1 to 11 and some will have an interest. One of the reasons I got a crossbow so they can shoot with me. I will get my old archery equipment out too and see which ones have an interest, my 11 year old grandaughter is shooting a .22 now with her dad. I am looking forward to spending time with them and hoping to be able to partake some of my wisdom:) I enjoy the people in this forum its pretty laid back in here.:)
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  5. Oppie

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    My two kids couldn't afford the time or license fees this year so neither one hunt's now, wife went a couple of times but shes about givin up on hunting, lost interest mostly. I go when I can.

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