Sika deer hunt

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  1. Masboy

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    Boys just got back from sika deer hunting on public land on the eastern shore ,they tryed to get me to go an guess I should have as They both killed what they call trophys that are 6 point sika deer. The boys must have horseshoes up there rears after the year there all having this year :oops::p
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  2. jacol84

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    I think they have been taught very well.
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  3. Masboy

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    I get to here there stories of there hunts when they get home an these boys are something else ,simple like there pop:p son tells me there in this remote area an he,s going in this trail thru the reeds in the dark in the morning an this thing comes charging at him :eek: his brother not far away on another trail hears him yelling whoa!,whoa! his brother laughing tells me he wondered what was going on :p

    Ends up a sika deer an him almost had a head on in the dark :plucky it didn,t get a clip of AR bullets I bet :p
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  4. xcaliber

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    I had a small buck do the same thing to me this fall, I had a crossbow uncocked, and a tree stand on my back, kinda spooky really.:eek:
  5. Oppie

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    Congrats!!!! You sure taught well Bet those little deer are tasty.

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