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    SS back together (1).jpg SS scope setting (1).jpg SS today at 40 yards (1).jpg

    I have been shooting my SS with longer (32"), lighter limbs for a 3D bow this summer. We planned one last shoot next Tuesday, but family stuff will not let me go to that one, so I decided to put my black SS limbs back on, and get it ready for a 2nd or 3rd crossbow for hunting. Not too much adjustment from the other limbs at 20. Set the scope power ring for 340, but it was shooting high at 40. Not sure how fast it is (no chrono), but you can see where the scope ring ended up.;) Dialed in with Grizz Tricks (top two shots), bottom one is a field point. The Patriot has the Sniper trigger in it now, but the reworked standard trigger in this one isn't bad. No creep at all, clean break. Maybe 4 1/2-5#. This SS is only 6 1/4# with everything but the quiver on it. Pretty quiet and vibe free. Thought about maybe selling this, even offered it as a partial trade for 2 different bows in classifieds. Really glad the sellers didn't take me up on the offers. I'd have to be insane to part with this thing.:D And yes, RobertyB is right. I have to spend some $$ on a broadhead target by next summer.;)
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    ;) Some things we don't sell because they can't be replaced :).
    I was playing with my chrony last week, it's giving me a headache. I'll end up sighting mine in the same way you are by shooting it different ranges as I always do ;) anyway.
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    Looking good ! as far as good broadhead target good luck :confused::p I found that a mabye 12 inch high open top cardboard box filled with rags packed some with my feet,a piece of quarry belt in the rear of the rags makes a good broadhead target an easy on my heads. I just reach in an find the head ,screw it off an works good for me .
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    I may get a Rinehart big block at some point. The bag has worked for the last few years after trying a foam "half deer" (I think it was a Delta) and my broadheads would go through the other side and the broadhead and LNL insert would just keep on going.:mad: Lost 2 Ramcats that way. The bag worked, until I shot it with the Patriot and the Magnus Black Hornet.:eek: If I ever would get to hunt Moose, Caribou, Elk, or big Black Bears, that's the combo I think I'd use.:D
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    I've been shooting a Rienhart 18-1 for about 3 years now and have found a few minor problem of my own creation. My #1 problem is if I set it on something my arrows have enough KE to knock it off a stand or block of wood then rolls into the pond, always ends up in the pond, good thing it floats.
    Guess I'll try hanging it.
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