Some Bolt builds..

Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Vital Limits, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Vital Limits

    Vital Limits Member

    20 inch .001 BE Executioners, lavander and white AV2 vanes, with Firenock Brass nocks.
    And same thing but with Red and White AV2 vanes.. Vital Limits Bolts, Firenock 2.jpg Vital Limits Bolts, Firenock1.jpg
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  2. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    There some fine looking arrows! look to be well built an shooters I bet. I find executioners second to none for accuracy in all my bows.
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  3. Vital Limits

    Vital Limits Member

    The Excutioner Shaft is a nice shaft to work on and does perform really well.. I've built these with SS inserts, concept systems., brass.. A lot can be done with the bolt..I got some other builds that with different shafts but price starts to jump up a little.
  4. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Sure some nice looking arrows.

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