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    I've been eye balling these for a couple of years now.What little I have seen or read has been good.I've had such great success with the 2 blade I've been reluctant to try them.So when I saw a 3 pack for $22 I decided to give them a try. I really like the looks of them and their designed to open just like the 2 blades.

    I didn't have much time to shoot at all but did manage to get off 1 shot with 1 yesterday. Didn't bother with the practice head. Just taped the real deal like always. So far so good! Only 20 yards but really close with my field points!:D More testing to come. 20180329_163732.jpg 20180329_160807.jpg 20180329_162843.jpg
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    The apprentice uses the two blade with his Martin Vertical, I have seen 3 deer drop within 30 yards with those. Now this kid has a 31" draw length shooting a 75# bow, so the FPS is rated at 340, he gets 312 with his heavy arrows. Point is, never a complete pass thru. They seem to get to the opposite side, and stop, but the blood & carnage is impressive! I would compare his setup to a lot of crossbows in terms of KE & speed.
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    I've got 8 kills with the 100gn 2" cut Green Swhacker heads all have been pass throughs.The furthest one went was about 100 yards or so. She stayed alive for almost 2.5 hrs with this hole through her heart.Every time I would get close enough to take another shot she would get up and walk away.So I would back off again.She really had me second guessing my shot until I finally recovered her and it was right where I was aiming. The heart shot in my Avatar went maybe 40 yards. All of my other Swhacker kills have been 50 yards or less. A friend who is a Veterinarian said she must have been laying so that the heart was still able to pump some blood.If I had pushed her harder she would have died much sooner.Here's the pics of her and the 2 I killed last season that went about 30 yards each. Also notice my arrow stuck in the tree about 5 yards after going through her heart.I've had no problem with penetration at all. Arrows ranging from 425-435gn 305-350 fps.With Rage and Nap Killzones I have had some penetration issue with the big entrance cuts but not the Swhackers.

    I call her the Die Hard Doe!Massive blood trail too! mms_picture(17) - Copy.jpg mms_picture(18) - Copy.jpg mms_picture(12).jpg

    Both arrows went a good 20 yards after passing through these 2. Shooting from the ground.22- 25 yard shots 0917170844a.jpg 20171105_094330.jpg
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    Yep, I have heard a lot of people getting pass thru shots which really has me puzzled. On another note, I shot a doe many years ago with a one once 12 gauge slug, blew her heart out in chunks on a tree behind her, and she ran 80 yards! The shot was about 22 yards. :confused:
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    Yeah after little miss Die Hard Doe I've gone double lung.No more aiming for the heart for me.
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    Deer reaction/travel is such a crap shoot. Like Dan, I can remember a small doe (in a year when none of the boys nor I had killed a deer, and it was the last day of gun season here. Double lung hit that little thing with a .308, lungs blown into a deadfall 15 yards behind it. The deer (which wasn't really on edge at the shot) ran 125 yards until she piled up. Last buck I shot was double lung with the aorta cut through. Went 25-30 and piled up. I liked that a lot better!:) I know some guys swear a bigger cut broadhead is no advantage, but I can't believe that's true. I read a lot about short trails with Shwakers and FOCs. Hoping to see what a Spitfire Double Cross does this fall.
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    I blew through the heart in the front corner with a .50 cal ML on a bonus hunt at the state park about 16 years ago. Small 7 point buck, we had filled 5 of our 6 doe tags the previous day. That damn buck went almost a mile through the nastiest thickets on the park. He bedded down 5 times, and left tons of blood. I too aim for the lungs now, and if i hit the heart, I missed!:eek:
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    Well to fallow up on the Swhacker 3 blade I finally got to shoot them some more.

    I shot them first with the blue xx75's with the low profile 2.6" Duravanes. Not too bad at 20 yards but I didn't even bother to try at 30 yards. The first one hit dead center the other 2 were off even after re shooting several times. I could tell it would even be worse at 30 and unacceptable. I figured it had something to do with the low profile vanes. 20180503_143415.jpg

    Today I shot them with the GGII xx75's after picking 3 out of this 12 arrow group at 30 yards:D 20180504_124026.jpg

    I didn't even bother to shoot them at 20 yards and went straight to 30 yards.They didn't hit with my field points but were close and grouped great!:D I didn't sight them in but held up and right a little the second time and they hit right there!:D A little more foc and taller vanes made a big difference 20180504_125935.jpg 20180504_130851.jpg

    I'm putting these 3 arrows and heads aside until September.4 months til deer season here in Ga:D
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    All sighted in and ready to go! Going to give the 3 blade Swhackers and the Matrix 350 the start. Shot these the other day at 30 yards. 20180824_194113.jpg

    These two boys were on the card pull today.Nothing great but beggars cant be choosers!:D WGI_0228.JPG WGI_0229.JPG WGI_0235.JPG WGI_0221.JPG
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    Well the Matrix , Swhacker 3 blades and 2219's better perform!

    I sighted in the Sniper with the $1.50 Bloodsports I rebuilt with AAE Max vanes and Mean Green Swhacker 2" 100gn heads.:D:D:D With accuracy like this it will be hard not to take it hunting!:eek::eek::eek: Shooting better than the Tapps I've been using the past few years.:D:D:D No scope adjustment from field points.:D:D:DHitting about a 3/8" low at 30 yards. Shot the one on the upper right 2 times as I jerked left on the first shot. I haven't shot them at 40 yet but I'm pretty confident they will be fine. Might have to adjust the speed a hair. 20180825_171434.jpg 20180825_172516.jpg 20180825_172530.jpg
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    Nice shooting
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    Paul, guess the only question is, "How do you decide which setup to grab when you go hunting?" You certainly look very ready for the season.:D
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  13. Stalker

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    Well the Excal hasn't drawn any blood yet so its getting the start!

    Apparently the Sniper didn't like my decision and said."Hey what about me? Look what I can do!":D The BS arrows really impressed me with broad heads! If I where hunting in a place where longer shots would be likely the Sniper would get the nod due to the extra speed. I love the light weight of the Matrix though.
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    That,s some great broadhead shooting! only thing I know is if field points don,t fly great ,broadheads don,t also :p
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