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    This was sent to me by one of my British Brothers in Blue:

    Just can't stop laughing :)

    enjoy and

    be safe

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  2. Joe

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    Thanks Stan I had to share your post on Facebook ;)

  3. Masboy

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    That's a good one!
  4. Jack Pine

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    Good 'un Blues Man!!!
  5. B&R

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    i like that
  6. bunyip slayer

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    What most people here who are the off spring off parents off Australians whos parents serverd in both world wars ect.welcome genuine refugees from eney war zone or eney country,but extreamists off course are not welcome,not only those in the video above,but refugees who want to live hear and think things like the lords prayer or even Christmas should be removed from schools so not to offend them are not welcoume,they have dun that in Citys like Sidney.some schools have removed the bible to keep them happy! not on.all tho BOB CAR ex aussie pollie has a book out that talks about another "Extreamist group"that i beleve is not very welcome in Australia as well if the under the table deals were realy known!
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  7. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    Australias pretty good at stopping refugees comeing in on boats.fisher men in our waters from other waters get their boats burned in Darwin! the boatpeople get locked up on "Christmas Island" and other places.
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  8. jacol84

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    Yep. Missionaries go to foreign lands to make things better. These radical muslims go to try and spread their beliefs, most of which seem to be hate for the place they've settled. I think most western nations are way to lenient and accomodating. Groups that openly oppose your country and way of life should be deported, IMO.
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  9. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    White extreamist are not welcome as well or eney violent groups,..have you seen that Australian movie romper stomper?the racest punk music in the movie was dun by a aussie band called blood oath,they sound like crap to me,but a strange fact is,some of the band members are in the Australian Army.combat regements as well! 3 RAR unit
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  10. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    3rd Battalion Royal Australian regiment: Engagements:
    Korean war
    Battle of Yongju
    Battle of Kujin
    Battle of Chnogju
    Battle of Uijeongbu
    Battle of Kapyong
    Battle of Maryang San
    Battle of Jungei Koemba
    Battle of Kindau
    Battle of Babana
    Vietnam War:
    Operation Cobura
    Battle of Coral -Balmaral
    Battle of Long Khanh
    East Timor
    Iraq War
    Operation Astute
    War in Afghanistan
    ...thanks stan!
  11. Jackel

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    A lot of people around the world don't realise that the Australian army has been in there helping resolve just about every conflict around the world for as long as America, we're far better soldiers and our special forces are amongst the very best in the world, some of ours train the yanks.. I have Muslim friends, it's not muslims I'm against, it's the extremists that speak hate, anger and disgust for ANYONE that doesn't have the same beliefs as them, we are all entitled to our opinion, all opinions are equally valid to the individual, they are entitled to thier opinion, I'm entitled to mine..
    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.. !!

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  12. bunyip slayer

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    Our S.A.S IS the best in the world,
    i know muslims in Adelaide,they all think the extreamist are full of it!
    and thats what everyone can see.
    a lot of the extreamist muslims have in Adelaide been PROVED yes PROVED to be jewish extreamist,dressed up as muslims,pranceing around the street calling for a gee-had!! Just a bunch of shit stirers! trying to make other look bad.
    im leaving to go fishing soon!
    3.00 in morning here!
    Lot of my opinions prob make me sound like a A-hole! lol!
  13. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    Yes,might confuse people to hear in the south Australia city of Adelaide that i know lots of people from,a city i lived in for 10 years,a city i live a two hour drive from,I PERSONALY know,the people involved in exposeing the jews who are dressing up as muslems extreamsist,standing on street corners spewing lies and hate...take your lies,your hate BACK back to where you came.
    Australians KNOW what you's are up to.
    cant fool us!
  14. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    I can %100 prove this happened.
    because i was there and saw it myself! We even followed the "extreamist"to see were they went
    followed up for month who they realy are.
    they were jewish ,going around dressing up as muslims,calling for muslims to rise up and fight!
    Cant people see what we are dealing with hear
    I know lots of jewish people in Adelade..and guess what! It was a few of them who contacted the people i know to tell them these jew extreamist were going around trying to stir up hate.
    so there you go
    its not the jews,
    Its not the muslims
    its people who just want us all to fight among our selfes
    And i know why!
  15. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    And(here i go again!) its the same with the "big picture" some people in control of politics WANT us all to fight..
    i say HELL NO!!!
    i say we all get along! Or just have a huge shit fight!
  16. Jackel

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    I can't understand why people do that, I don't want to know why, I don't care why, there is no justification for it!
    The vast majority of people around the world just want to live in peace, to be able to feed, clothe and house ourselves and live happy lives raising our families and enjoying the finer things in life.
    there is no reason why, in this day and age, every man woman and child can't have these simple ideals, to live comfortably and not in poverty or in fear.
    There is plenty of everything to go around, it's the greedy and morally bankrupt that hoard the wealth leaving others to go without the simple life necessities that we all deserve as human beings.

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  17. bunyip slayer

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    Well said mate!
  18. bunyip slayer

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    The native wattle tree in Australia alone can feed millions of people...if they got off their buts and went and got it.
    yer its all just miss mangarment
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