Things look bleak up on the mountain.

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by jacol84, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. jacol84

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    Supposed to rain most if not all week, so being behind on my scouting, I went up to the mountain this morning. It doesn't look good at all. It was logged last year, but with all the muddy roads and wet/soft places I roamed around in, I saw maybe a dozen tracks and 2 sets of droppings. That was over 2 hours of walking around. Use to be the one corner of the property looked like a dang little road where the deer came out of the woods and crossed a logging road. Today, zero tracks. Found a promising spot pretty far up. Tree about 20 yards from a trail they actually seem to be using a bit. Stand will be shielded by branches very well, then allow 7-10 yards of broadside to cornering away shots - IF I see any deer.:rolleyes:
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    You never know Jeff, the deer may use it later in the year .
  3. jacol84

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    Hope so Brian. I have a couple other cards to play at least.
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    logging can change things for deer an all depends on the area logged an if select cut or hard cut .in our area around here logging makes for a real deer magnet in a couple years . the new growth gets thicker every year an the harder it,s cut the thicker it gets. the first year of the cut is most times not the best hunting if to open .
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