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Discussion in 'General Chatter & Off Topic' started by Masboy, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Masboy

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    I,ve ruined many a good old rifle,shotgun scopes on crossbows but these new scopes seem to be junk to me? when my old Nikon 1x4 shotgun scope that I had on everything for years it finally took a crap on my crossbow . they sent me a new 1x4 African to replace it an what a piece of crap on 4x with all kind of parallax .now I notice the leupold fx11-4x handgun scope I bought not long ago has a slanted reticle when the top scope cap is level,lots of parallax at 50yds. sad for a 350.00 scope an read many had the same problem an say it,s a common thing with leupolds tolerances anymore :confused: I,m about tired of new junk :mad: I won,t buy Bushnell after not covering warranty on a pair of 300$ binocs. so that about does it for the 3 brands I use to buy:mad:
  2. xcaliber

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    Leupold owns Redfield, but I have three of their scopes, and zero issues to date. I do have two Leupolds, so far, so good. Good Luck Frank.
  3. Masboy

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    Use to you bought a Nikon ,leupold you had there best . now you have to buy one with a high number after it or you have one that competes with other cheap junk:mad:
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  4. 8ptbuk

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    Wonder if rifle scopes aren't built to handle the direction of recoil that a crossbow has. I've always heard they move forward and a rifle backwards ? Don't know if this is true or not. Would explain things if so.
  5. jacol84

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    That's what most say ruins gun scopes, the double recoil. I've seen airgun scopes recommended for that reason, and the usually adjustable parallax. Unfortunately, most airgun scopes have mil dot reticles, which don't do anything for my eyes, and many are 4-12 or 16 power or something. My Leupold VX 1 shotgun scope has been great for several years now. The Trophy Ridge scope is really good for the money, but at least the 525 is too bright for me even on the lowest setting.
  6. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    Must be so as my crossbows have ate every scope I put on them sooner or later. never distroyed a EOTech 512,vortex venom rmr yet .
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