Today's Pa. Game commission meeting, new proposals.

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    With Pennsylvania in the stretch run of its first hunting season in which semiautomatic shotguns were permitted for big-game hunting, and semiautomatic rifles have been permitted for hunting small game and furbearers, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today announced it will entertain a proposal to allow semiautomatic rifles for big game in the 2019-20 license year.

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission is accepting public comment on the matter, which could be considered at the commissioners next quarterly meeting April 9. If voted upon and given preliminary approval in April, the measure could be considered for final adoption in July and put in place for the 2019-20 license year.

    Written comments can be submitted by email to up until the April meeting.

    Like the proposal to move the opening day of the firearms deer season to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which was given preliminary approval on Tuesday, the proposal to expand opportunities to hunt with semiautomatic rifles seeks to provide for the changing demographics of license buyers and their needs.
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    That would be the same as the MD opener on the sat after thanksgiving. as far as idiots go spraying the woods with semi autos :confused: idiots will be idiots no matter what they use.i see nothing wrong with a hunter using a AR for a follow up aimed shot instead of working the bolt,lever,pump. idiots make it hard on everyone an give hunters a bad name.
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    Some of my neighbor's think it'll be a spray & pray season, but I don't see a problem. They don't like the Saturday opener either, but if the Sunday hunting is passed next year with a Saturday opening day they'd gain four days of hunting.
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    Not going to make everyone happy in PA forsure,i say it,s simple if you don,t like it don,t go them days :D but let those that work,want to get some hunting in with there kids or self go. I,m not real religious but Sunday's are a special rest day for me but I don,t have anything against others that do want to
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    I always hope to get a deer with the crossbow and leave the woods to the gun hunters when that season comes. With semi autos, that feeling will be even stronger. I'm not a guy who refuses to hunt with a gun, it just doesn't wind me up that much anymore. Lots of competition and overcrowding, even on private land where I like to hunt.
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    Semi autos have been a fact of life here since I started deer hunting over 50 years ago. I don't believe I have ever heard anyone just spraying shots while hunting. In fact last deer season I could not tell if the guns were semi auto or bolt actions as none of the shots were too fast to be a bolt action being shot. I heard very few strings of over 3 shots and figured them to be misses. I do occasionally hear a clip being unloaded as people quit for the morning and head back to camp. Probably checking to see why they missed earlier.
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    Exactly my feelings. And yet they have no problem with semi-auto's for small game, because it's always been that way.
    The Pa. farm bureau is the main political group blocking Sunday hunting, PGC is in favor, most of the public is in favor but the legislator has to vote to change the law & approve it and that's Like pushing a rope up hill o_O.
    I doubt I'd hunt Snudys but I'd like to see family's have the chance to, people are busy today it'd be nice for them to have a extra day to get outside and hunt with the kids.

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