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    BH : FP 40 with Patriot..jpg Black Hornet pass through.jpg Black Hornet.jpg
    I have been shooting 3D some this summer, and wanting a low power (300 fps or so) crossbow and alumium arrows to do that. That has caused 2 of my 3 recurves to be "dismantled" with front ends on different rails to get what I was after. It's going to get busy for me soon, so I started overthinking how to get my hunting setups ready and still have something for 3D. I tried to revive BABU for one last shoot, but had a very frustrating range session yesterday, and that was it. (It's now in parts in a plastic tub). Figured the way to start was to check the Patriot. Last time at the range, it was good at 40 with Ramcats, but not Grizz Tricks. Decided to try Ramcats again (first pic). I got some Spitfire Double Cross heads, and Brian sent the Magnus Black Hornets. Well, the Hornets blew right through the bag!:eek: I thought I saw it hit my aiming spot, and there were no new holes in the front of the bag. Tried the Spitfire, and it did almost the same thing, just hanging up in the bag by the fletching. Same exact exit hole.:D You can see the "blood trail" behind the bag.;) I will set up the other two recurves, just in case I need to use them, or I'm superstitious enough that I think a change might change my luck:rolleyes:, but I'm pretty sure I can stop thinking about the Patriot. It's ready to roll, 6 1/4 # of mean!:D I think the quiver will have 2 Ramcats with 1 1/2" blades, and 2 Spitfire Double Cross. Gotta do some work on my stands so I get to use them.;)
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    Jeff, thanks for the report, those hornets shot well out of the kodabow.
    Bob really likes the double cross, he has had good luck with them.
    That Patriot is is one powerful beast :cool:
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    Also Jeff, that BABU project was fun to follow, not to mention you got more out of that project than i thought you would have. Good job on that.;):cool:
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    I think you could probably use a good broadhead target. :)
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    Looking good ! when you see broadheads hitting the same hole you know you got things right an ready to hunt :oops:
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