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    I,m changing my name as I got it all under control. my Yamaha 250r was my horse that I carried my guns,bows,turkeys on hunting. now that I sold it an no longer 2 wheel savy I had to give it up. now we have some new kids that moved in up the road with lots of friends an all have 4wheelers,dirt bikes that run up an down the road ,racing ,wheelies all hours of the day an night . I knew the neighbors were all upset an not long before the man would be after them. I heard they were after them an got a few ,none seen Lately. the man comes by here about every day so that put the wammy on me buying a 4 wheeler to hunt off as I have to drive on the road a piece to lots of my spots.

    The heat is on so now I,m buying me a mid size 4x4 tractor with loader around 45hp with cab if I can.I will have a orange triangle on the back ,be street legal an will have my shoulder holster with big handgun on board . I will keep my neighbors farm lanes open an have there permission to drive on there property out back my home to hunt . I got it all figured out an looking hard for the right horse ,I mean tractor. thinking about removing the seat an replacing it with a nice saddle with stirrups , leather scabbard for my rifle . now soon I will be the street legal tractor cowboy :D
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    Post Pics!:p
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    This I gotta see!
  4. Masboy

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    Just a county boy here :p sold my GMC z71 4x4 truck,bike,gravely ,case .kept an drive a old 97 Chevy short bed because I don,t have anywhere to go or drive much.everything I need is not far away.I just love equipment an got rid of all mine years ago including my John Deere 4x4 tractor:( some want nice vehicles but not me as i like nice log skidders,big trucks ,tractors .now I have only a use for a nice 4x4 tractor an will have one soon:Di see why Oppie likes his Polaris so much as I have lots in common with him:p
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    "now I have only a use for a nice 4x4 tractor an will have one soon:Di see why Oppie likes his Polaris so much as I have lots in common with him:p"

    You have more in common with me than you realize!
    A couple yrs ago I did meet a couple of Pa state troopers while driving that Polaris down the road, they stopped so I stopped cause it'd been rude not to :p, they ask me a couple quick questions then I mentioned trail cams and that's all it took, they wanted to know if I had a deer or bear pics I could show them :). They were very nice and wished me well, never said anything about being on the roads or ask for any license or anything else.
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    Most times if you're nice to them, and treat them respectfully, they'll forgive a certain amount of chit!:D Then on the other hand, there is that one guy on a power trip!:eek:
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    My son ran into that power trip guy :mad:
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    Here in MI, it's now legal to drive your ATV on the side of the road so long as you stay on the shoulder, wear a helmet, and keep it under 25 MPH. You ought to see this place now, with all the golf carts and ATVs!! You can't go down the state and federal routes, but you can cross them. Of course there are those who abuse the speed laws and drive down the center of the road, etc. I like my tractor though, but an ATV is faster.
  9. Masboy

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    PA not so good ,if you go off your property you must have paid sales tax,registered it with tag ,have insurance , not allowed on the road .i see plenty of golf carts running all around on the road down at the river. me I love tractors with a front end loader .

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