Trailboss smokeless powder

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    Best thing since I don,t know what,as it,s used in cowboy loads a lot . about equal to black powder for velocity in about any gun only high pressure an clean. You fill the case of any shell to the base of the seated bullet but never compress . gives you about half the normal velosity in all guns an you can use with any weight bullet. guys shoot It in 222-375Mag . be great for making a turkey load in your favorite rifle . one guys daughter shoots it from a 270 for practicing.

    I been shooting lots of it in my 460s&w an gives me around 1000fps with 225g- 300g bullets . super accurate out to 50 yds for me an really tame for these around 45 long colt power loads in this 5lb handgun .my object is to get plenty of practice with these loads an may just hunt with them as they are a pleasure to shoot an still have some thump.

    my goal was get a light load with the 300g bullet to shoot about the same poi as a high power 300g load around 454 casul velocity. I did it with Trailboss in the light load an h110 or IMR 4227 in the 3/4 throttle loads with both about same poi out to 50yds,the reason I don,t know why but something to do with speed,recoil from the two I guess. one happy here as I can drop in a light killing load or a hammer load an not have to change the sights . I like trying the impossible an sometimes it even works for whatever reason ,mission accomplished :D
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