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  1. Ragumup

    Ragumup Member

    Hi this place is great for info ... would a trigger tech fit a jandao star ? If anyone knows ,thanks in advance.
  2. Jack Pine

    Jack Pine Active Member

    I have been told that it will, but I do not know this AS FACT. I tend to believe it because the person who said it would fit, sent me their Jandao trigger box. One thing for sure that will be different is, you will then have to put an Excalibur or Middleton scope mount on top because the hole spacing of the Jandao and Trigger Tech is different; TT is made to fit Excalibur. If you decide to do this mod, let me know and I will send you a scope mount to fit.
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  3. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Darn nice offer Cal. :);):cool:
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  4. Jack Pine

    Jack Pine Active Member

    OK, I got a Jandao and Excalibur trigger box side by side, and after examining the differences between the 2, IMO putting a Trigger Tech in a Jandao would be POSSIBLE, but is not a drop-in mod. The woman who told me they would fit, her family owns a machine shop, and her husband modified her Jandao so that the TT would fit. She neglected to tell me of any machining he did to it; maybe she didn't know. The only TTs I have are installed on my bows, but size and hole spacing are the same as the Excal box. Jandao is on the left, Excal on the right. DSC00807.JPG DSC00808.JPG DSC00810.JPG

    It looks like the inside of the Jandao frame would have to be relieved to fit the TT box. The TT box is .994 thick and the Jan is .973, so about .011 would need to be removed on each side of the frame to accommodate the TT. The Jan trigger lever is held by 2 screws, and the TT by one, but it looks like it would still work. There have been issues with the TT lever hitting the stock on some applications, so you might have to relieve the stock or get an offset TT lever.

    The overall length of the Jan is 2.982, and the TT is 3.004. That's not the real problem I see though. From the forward mounting bolt on the Jan, to the rounded end of the box is .560, and that measurement is .613 on the TT. What this means is, you would have to file or machine out .053 of the rail to match the round end of the TT box. Although the mounting holes are close enough to the same, that mismatched difference makes the TT not work without mods.

    Then there is the mismatch in the hole spacing in the scope mount. These differences can be worked around by slotting, but it could be done if you have the proper milling machine and experience, otherwise, it would be a much simpler process to get your Dremel tool out and polish the sear surfaces of your Jan trigger box to a mirror finish.

    I have had 5 of these Jandao star crossbows and the trigger pulled at close to 6 pounds, far away from the 3 pounds they claim. The other BIG issue with the Jandao Star is, the limbs are not matched sets, and the tiller is usually way off, but the limbs can be shimmed to bring it in. To sum it all up, the process to install a TT does not look as simple as I was led to believe. You would be ahead to get a better crossbow IMO; one of the Poe Lang or Man Kung bows if money is an issue, or get an Excalibur if you can.
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  5. Ragumup

    Ragumup Member

    Thanks for your input jack some really great info there ... I'll maybe get a Excalibur when funds allow lol but I'll photo your info though,just in case ,cheers
  6. Delta-Stan

    Delta-Stan Member


    Jack Pine is right, the TT doesn't fit, you have to file a lot to get the trigger into the rail.

    I know that some folks will bash me now but there is a simple way to get the Jandao trigger as smooth as any other trigger on the market, it is cheap, it is effective, it works and you will love it.

    Last October I went hoghunting in Slovenia. A member from CBN ( WOLFER ) invited me and we had a great time hunting and sightseeing, what a nice country !!

    Wolfer shoots a Matrix 380 and he did a lot of modification to that crossbow, btw, he won the first - 3D -
    competitions in Slovenia this year, he knows how to shoot and he knows a lot about finetuning of a crossbow.

    I took my Chace Star 225 to Slovenia and Wolfer said: before we start shooting that bow, I will dismantle it for a big check.

    When he took it apart he said that he did not expect that quality on a chinese bow.

    But lets talk Jandao triggers..........

    Wolfer opened the trigger, cleaned it and he put some CERATEC on all moving parts of the trigger. Trust me, THAT did the trick !

    This CERATEC is made by Liqui Moly and it contains microscopic ceramic spherules.
    It was designed as a motor oil additive. I does miracles to the trigger-box

    He said that the trigger is better than the Excal trigger because it has a "distancer" below the trigger-box.

    Look at Jack's pictures, you can see it at the back of the trigger, the last screw sits in that distancer. ( Screwed in from below )

    Wolfer then checked the bow for the right was wrong....but just 5 minutes later everything was fine.
    This guy knows a lot about crossbows :)

    We shot the bow out to 60 meters and both of us were surprised....not just about the accuracy but the trigger.

    We were shooting "20 Firebolts with Boltcutters and I cut off a vane at that distance !

    It's as smooth as an air-rifle trigger now, I couldn't believe it but Wolfer just laughed :)

    You can go on CBN, contact him there and he will tell you the same story.

    BTW, if you open the Jandao trigger, be very carefull, there is a spring loaded tiny metal ball, don't lose it !!

    Not to forget, there is a lot of sausages in my cooler and the freezer is full of meat as well, the hog was 77 kilos :)


    be safe

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  7. Jack Pine

    Jack Pine Active Member

    Nice hog Stan!! I've seen some posts by Wolfer and it sure sounds like he knows his bows. Glad you got your bow in top shape.
  8. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Good information! Darn nice hog Stan, good job!
    I used a regular moly spray on my excal trigger, sure made a difference.
  9. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Nice HOG! Great read on the Wolfer, and his trigger knowledge!
  10. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    X2 on the trigger,bow information ! A fine looking piggy!
  11. Ragumup

    Ragumup Member

    You guys really know your stuff ... Stan, funny you mentioned the spacer at the back of the trigger as that bolt was working loose on my bow making the whole scope lean forward making the bow hit high ☹️ So after the third time I put some low strength screwlock on both the trigger bolts so hopefully that will stop it.

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