Trophy ridge xv525ir ir scope

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  1. jacol84

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    TR on SS.jpg

    Welp, got something I didn't really need. With two good hunting crossbows, each with a good scope on it, what did I need with another scope on the SS? Found this on Amazon for under $100. It is a Hawke, Throphy Ridge and Bear's version of the XB 1. Got a Guardian ADF mount for it, and countersunk the mount screw holes to lock it in better. It is 12.6 oz on my scale (without rings). Has a fairly short (about 3") eye relief, but it's not as critical as some other scopes I've either owned or looked through. To my 65 yr. old eyes with astigmatism and progressive bifocals, it looks darn clear, once the adjustment ring in the back is adjusted. This is my first illuminated scope. The reticle seems a bit busy, but I just might get used to it. It has 5 levels of illumination in red and green. I used the lowest setting of red twice at today's 3D shoot. Needed some help with the black targets (boar and black bear). Both of those targets were down narrow, dark "tunnels" in the woods on a cloudy day. Never thought I'd want a reticle that so many marks lit up, but the bear was at 36 or so. I could easily "gap" shoot between the 30 and 40 yard + aiming points, and see what I was trying to hit. Shot an X on the bear too.:D I can't imagine every using any but the lowest illumination setting. It is a dull red, but clearly visible. Did not wash out the boar or bear targets, I could still see where I wanted to aim. So far I like it. For under $100, I really like it!:D
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    Looks ,sounds great ! it,s funny but I find the higher brightness on scopes ,red dot sights useless for me an no matter if sunny or not I,m always shooting on the lower settings.
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    As long as your happy with it that's all that matters. Maybe someday something will happen to it, maybe not, only one way to find out, Shoot it! Lower price optics are much better than they were even ten yrs ago. Look what happened to high priced cameras ;)........
  4. Masboy

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    At least you got scopes on them , I have three crossbows an none have a scope on them an only one with a sight that's a Williams peep. may just shoot my high power bow bare as I can do pretty good to 30 yds without sights an most of the deer I kill are half that.

    my crossbows have ruined all my scopes an the only two good scopes I own are the leupold on my ruger handgun an the other a Nikon on my pellet gun. red dots on my other guns . my crossbows have killed many more good scopes than deer an lots of cheap ones also ,my crossbows are killing machines :p
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    I really like my Trophy Ridge too I have the XV530IR and have no complaints.
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    I've got plans to change My Crossbones to a lighted reticle scope that's on My 380 . I hunt alot of food plots and see a majority of deer in the last few minutes of daylight. My crossbones has been rock solid but my aging eyes need some help. Same with my backup bow, Have a Nikon bolt on it but kinda hard for me to see. The perfect scope would be a Nikon Bolt with a lighted reticle !!! I can only hope !!!
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    Same with me, time for a change of scopes.
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  8. robertyb

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    That is exactly why I sold my Crossbones and Zeiss XB75 and bought two TR XV530 scopes.

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