Venison, it's not just just for grilling!

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    We have Judy's grandma's pressure canner, all though we rarely use it. It's a beast and takes a lot of heat to get er working.
    Canning venison takes a little longer because you need to fill the quart jars carefully an get as much air out of the jar as you can. I know a lady that adds liquid beef bouillon in the jars, we just do garlic & salt. It's going to take a good part of the day to can a deer by time you cut it up, process it an let them cool back down an put them away.

    I've used that on chuck roast and love it now I'll have to try it on deer.
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    Two yrs ago I had a local shop leave the hind quarters whole an brine them and smoke them, they almost like ham.
    So I decide to take some to a neighborhood picnic. I deboned one leg and baked it with some brown sugar glaze and it was so pretty & tasty. We arrived left our stuff in the garage an went outside to chat. Bad move...
    My neighbors Basset hound snatched the whole roaster pan off the table and feasted :eek: on it. What she didn;t eat was drooled on an smeared everywhere dead: .
    But then she looks at ya with that long sad basset hound face and ya just can't be mad at her :p:p:p. They also have a mastif that helped us clean up.
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