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  1. Masboy

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    :oops:Heading out tomorrow for my first trip of the year for some walleye. Wind finally suppose to lay tonight but temps in the high 20s late tonight . guessing river water temps in the 30-40 degree range somewhere so I will head for the warmwater discharge . guessing the temp to be in or around 50 degrees an not real dirty from what I have seen. the river graph shows it at almost a normal flow an that sounds good.got lots of new lures I made an ready to try out along with my favorite crankbaits.sounds like it,s going to be a mask , carhart coat, bib overalls,coffee day on the water with a NW wind around 8mph around noon. looking forward to it an the start of my season .look out fish here I come ,like stalkers sticker says fish fear me :p

    looking forward to seeing all my little buddy,s out there that are the mink. I ,ll never forget when 4 or 5 of the little baby cridders were scampering along the rocks following my boat as I trolled along the shore for 100yds or more . then one year a lone little baby duck would swim behind my boat quacking ,following me out the creek till I got out in the big river.I see about everything out there we have but no bear ,big cats,yotes ,squatch yet :oops:
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    Yes they do Frank!:eek:
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    Good luck! The North branch is flowing pretty nice with just a little color yesterday. No debris or logs at the moment.
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    I got up early an hooked my boat up ,25 degrees an lots of frost .no ice on the creek with water temp of 35 degrees In the creek an 37 degrees out in the river. warmwater discharge was 52 degrees at the bottom an 55 at the outlet.water looked great but was white capping a couple hours after I started fishing. NW cold wind all day for me from 7.30 -2.30 an had enough.

    only thing I caught an snagged dragging the bottom for walleye was carp. carp everywhere on the mud flat in the warm water jumping around on top the water. think I found my calling after many years of being a walleye fisherman. I,m a carp fisherman :oops::p
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    That's not a bad thing :p:p. No warm waters around here, my pond ices over every night. I'm hoping to add some trout in it next month if the moon & stars line up, and the stocking truck is full :):):)
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