You can improve your Shiper 370 trigger!

Discussion in 'Doing It Yourself - Crossbow Maintenance' started by TX_RDXguy, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    The one legitimate critique of the Sniper has been addressed. There's now a fix for the long and heavy Sniper trigger.

    - Install this on your trigger assembly.
    Bracket and Pin.JPG


    - Make a small (.020) change to the trigger pin and you will reduce the 1/2"+ long pull to 1/4".

    - Add the new spring and you now have a 4lb trigger.
    Bracket Pin Spring.jpg


    The modification requires bow disassembly, some work by you, reassembly and testing. I can provide direction and assist if needed.

    Liability disclaimers apply and of course this is not recommended for minors, pregnant women or the faint of heart.

    Contact me for more information if you're interested.
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  2. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    The Sniper 370 cost from CenterPoint is 349.99. You can find great buys on it from various sources for as low as $230 shipped. It's arguably the best value for a modern compound crossbow on the market today. The trigger update makes it very comparable to the top line crossbows offered that typically are 3-4 times the Snipers cost.
  3. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Nice mod, TX. I saw this on other forums. Nice to take care of the one reported issue with the Sniper 370.
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  4. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Pretty cool mod you done, even better deal offering the parts kit to do it :) .
  5. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Thanks guys! The trigger was the only issue I felt could have been better executed by the manufacturer and since day one it has been on my mind to make a fix. Several folks contributed to this solution, primarily Looney on CBN. My hats off to him for a lot of R&D. I have some good relationships with machinists and one in particular is hunter friendly. He built the program to run these and made them reasonably affordable for us. Springs should be in hand in a few days and the kits will go out to the guys interested.
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  6. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    The springs are done and we've now got a 4 lb trigger (3.8 to be precise). That's 2 lb off the stock trigger and should be a good safe weight for a hunting xbow.

    Drop me a note via email and I can help you with the update.

    Weller Tool 3.8.JPG

    3.8 lb Springs V2.jpg

    Sniper Trigger Kit2.JPG
  7. Nate

    Nate New Member

    I am probably going to buy that sniper370 tommorow, how do I go about getting this trigger mod?
  8. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Hi Nate. I also got your email so I'll send you the information there.
  9. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    I've made a simple trigger box mount for testing purposes and have done further testing of this modification.

    Tester 2.jpg

    The trigger pin can be shortened .045 by removing material from the head. That gives you an end to end length of .605 and that makes the Length Of Pull about 3/16". A nice short pull.

    Pin Pic .605.jpg
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  10. Nate

    Nate New Member

    I got my trigger back from TX today, sent it last Thursday from Michigan and got back and installed today(Wednesday). What a huge improvement. Highly recommend this if you have a sniper. Thanks again
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  11. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    I appreciate the feedback Nate and the best of luck in the woods this fall!
  12. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    The feedback I'm getting on the trigger is really great and it's made the effort to do this well worth it. My hat's off to the guys that helped get this underway especially my buddy Rodney.

    I'm a little OCD when it comes to anything I'm passionate about so I've made a couple small revisions to the kit. Call it 2.0 or V2 or whatever but it's simply small changes for the better. This version has been in my Specialist for about 200 shots and I'd call it good to go.


    - The "L" bracket width is up 1/16"
    - The set screw offset is left 1/16" to better align it with the rocker


    - Set screw length is increased as well

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  13. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    The new pins are here! :) These are nicely made stainless pins that are better than the originals and sized for the kit. I'll start including them in the kits going forward which will greatly simplify the DIY work to complete this trigger modification. Cost goes up a whopping $6 to $71 (plus shipping).

    Pin bag.jpg
  14. Tony Edwards

    Tony Edwards New Member


    I am interested in the mod. Is it ready to install, or would I need to machine the pin .20 down?
  15. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Here is the new DIY kit:

    - "L" bracket. This version 3 with the latest updates.
    - Anchor bolt for the "L" bracket is stainless and VC3 coated (an adjustable reuseable thread locker).
    - Set screw with thread locker.
    - Sear pin made from stainless and .605 end to end, which is key to the 3/16" pull length.
    - Sear spring in 10 lb. rate which produces a 3.5-4 lb trigger.

  16. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    I get several emails each week about the DIY trigger kit which is great. About 1 in 3 are from someone needing help to do the install, which I'm happy to do.

    For the guy that has some interest in the work, you can follow steps 1-9 in the reference info. above, remove and send me your trigger box. I turn the triggers around in one to two business days when I'm not hunting ;).

    Removed Trigger.jpg

    For those of you that don't want to do that, you can send me just the main section of the Sniper or Specialist. Remove the scope (loosen two screws), the foot stirrup (loosen two set screws), the riser (remove one taper head bolt), the pistol grip (remove two phillips screws), the buttstock (remove one long phillips screw).

    This is about what it will look like at that point.


    If you have other questions please drop me a note.

  17. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    A tip of the hat to Philip and George for taking the time to record his Sniper trigger install. Nice job!

    Start the YouTube video from the beginning....

    Thanks are in order for the other CBN members that helped get this solution developed, tested and have helped along the way. Truly what our forums are all about.

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  18. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    I am running a special now through June for the DIY kits. $60 gets the kit shipped to you here in the US via priority mail.

    Eamil me at "".
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  19. Bucgrunter75

    Bucgrunter75 New Member

    I'm interested in getting one of your trigger kits for my sniper 370. Got drawn for a cow elk archery tag in ky this fall and I want every advantage I can get lol.
  20. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Good for you! That's on my bucket list someday. Understand the cows are excellent table fare. Email me your address and I'll send reference info. and get you taken care of. If you want me to install it for you let me know.

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