You can improve your Shiper 370 trigger!

Discussion in 'Doing It Yourself - Crossbow Maintenance' started by TX_RDXguy, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    The DIY trigger kit is on special this month for $68!

    Also, I'm making the DIY kit one step simpler...... The kit now includes a 10mm length cap head screw to replace the number 3 screw (in step 19).

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  2. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Deer hunting season for most of us is just around the corner. If you have any interest in a trigger upgrade for your Sniper or Specialist, now is the time to look into that.

    Changing the trigger break from almost 6 lbs to 3.5-4 lbs. is a nice change, shortening the length of pull from 9/16" to 3/16" is immediately noticeable. Together these two improvements help make these xbows clear standouts in the sub $500 price range among any brand out there.

    I just completed another batch of brackets and pins and have kits ready to go.

    The DIY kits are $85 shipped Priority Mail. Buy two DIY kits for $150. If you want my help doing the install, it's an additional $20 per trigger.

    Reply here, send me a PM, email me at or call me at 214-796-2895. I'd love to help you out.
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  3. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Deer season opens at the end of the month here in North Texas and if the temperatures cool with the onset of fall, you will find me among the tall oaks looking for Mr. Big just about any day I can break away.

    I'll continue to ship these kits daily and do the installs as quickly as I can to help you get your trigger improved and allow you to hunt with it this year.

    There are approximately 500 kits in use currently and I still get a lift when I hear from you guys singing the praises of your short triggered Sniper.

    I have been shooting a .603 length pin now for about 6 months and that .002 change makes a notable difference, yet the trigger LOP is still hunting safe.

    Happy hunting, be safe and enjoy every day you can.......
  4. Jdhofwags

    Jdhofwags New Member

    Would be interested in getting this kit. Steps??
  5. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Hi John. I sent you the detail via email. Let me know if I can help.

  6. Henry

    Henry New Member

    DO NOT HESITATE TO DO THIS UPGRADE!! I recently bought the sniper elite. As the reviews stated, the only problem I had with it was the trigger. I researched trigger upgrades for it and found this forum. I contacted Rich and after talking to him I knew I had the right man for the job. He is very knowledgeable. Since I was lucky enough to live 30 minutes away from "THE MAN" I decided to let him do it. We met up and he took my bow to do the upgrade. He had it back in about an hr. The upgrade way exceeded my expectations. The long heavy pull is gone! The trigger also has a nice clean break. Really can't say enough to the quality of work done by Rich!! So if you're on the fence, let go and jump on doing this upgrade. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! THANKS AGAIN RICH!!
  7. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    I appreciate the review Henry and it was good to meet you this past week ;). Knock down a big one up north, thin those hogs out and keep us posted on your season.

    Best regards!
  8. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    I've gotten several inquiries on availability of the Sniper trigger kits from folks not on the forum who are finding links to these threads.

    The kits are still available and you can contact me here or by email.

    email -



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