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    I mounted a bipod on my vortex an shot off my bench at 25yd with the gun pistol grip resting on a pillow . I just lightly held it enough to squeeze the trigger an let them fly. I had 6 factory zombies that were factory fletched with Blazers, replaced the rear nocks with flat aluminum gt 11 nocks that Dan had gave me,125g tips ,these are 20 inch with a weight of 458g. 3 were real dot killers getting almost exact same poi ,other 3 not the same an not tinkering with them now as 3 out of 6 is much better than I most time get from a dozen if that.

    I will play with the others later an they will most likely get 2 inch razer feathers after the Blazers die an get some bare shaft shooting before fletching. then go in with my other razer fletched zombies I hunt with if they shoot good.my long vertical arrows did not shine today shooting off this bipod for whatever reason . I don,t even know if I have a bow that will shoot bare shafts great now :confused: my vixen,Equinox were super accurate shooting executioner bare shafts . but some dummy turned both into matrix limb Frankinbows o_O :p
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